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Welcome to Tanri Abeng website.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about Tanri Abeng (TA) on his personal and professional life.

With TA’s website, we hope the International and Indonesian audience will gain an in-depth knowledge and learn from TA’s experiences in leadership, management and all other areas of TA expertise through the vast information available such as: TA’s corporate life, philanthropical activities, speeches, TA’s publications (articles, books, video), press releases on TA, and TA’s own opinions and views on timely hot topics.

This website is an interactive portal whereby the readers are invited to participate and comment on TA’s hot topics and also convey their feedbacks in our contact page.

We sincerely wish that TA’s life and experiences will leave a legacy footprint in people’s lives and form an eternal impression for the people of tomorrow.

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Thank you for taking the time to peruse my professional and personal website. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on this website.

It has been my long time desire to leave an everlasting legacy in education. Through this website, I aim to be able to do so by imparting decades of corporate expertise in private and public sectors, primarily in corporate leadership and management.

It is my hope that professional executives, students and the public at large, primarily in Indonesia, will gain further insight through the education and information obtained on this website in order to instigate an insatiable desire to improve their own quality of life through education and continuous thirst for knowledge without failing to remember to contribute back to society, especially at the peak of their successes.

What I want to imprint on the world is the legacy of continuous learning and education as a necessity and a must in life to achieve fulfillment and success in one’s life.


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