Assalam alaykum waramahtullahi wabarakatuh
Yang kami hormati Bapak Wakil President RI dan Ibu Mufidah Jusuf Kalla
Your Honorable Tun Musa Hitam, Chairman WIEF Foundation
Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great honor for Indonesia to host the 5th World Islamic Economic Forum. As the home to the largest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia is indeed the appropriate venue for this illustrious Forum where the interaction and dynamics of the economic development has been thriving between Muslims and non Muslims at the national to the international level. 
We welcome our distinguished delegates to our Economic Business Driven Forum. The 4 day events are featuring Pre-Forum, Main Forum and Post Forum.
As a brief report to Your Excellency, the Vice President, the Main Forum which will be officiated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia tomorrow will be attended by over 1000 delegates from 30 countries with an impressive line-up of 90 speakers from government leaders and corporate executives worldwide.
Specifically for the Pre-Forum today, this Forum was established to validate and recognize, from a global perspective, the important and invaluable contribution in economic development from the women and the young leaders in business which represent a significant part of the demographic make-up.
We need to be mindful to develop our young leaders of today to be equipped with the business experience and skills by the sharing of innovative minds and cutting edge ideas to shape them to be the corporate leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, it is most appropriate that this year’s theme for the Young Leader’s Forum is “Charting our Course: Leading Islamic Business and Finance Forward.”
This is also true for the wealth of experience and know-how among Muslim women entrepreneurs worldwide where the sources of knowledge and experiences should be cultivated through synergies of efforts in the co-exchange of skills and information.
Through the sharing of expertise and skills, support and mentoring activities in the Women Business Forum, this will lead to mutually beneficial business relationships between successful women professionals which will hopefully create value and unleash their potential to be even more successful, therefore appropriately, this year’s theme for the Business Woman Forum is “Women Entrepreneurs: The Driving Force towards a Stronger Future.”
We hope that the Young Leaders Forum and Business Women Forum will be an astounding success with the participation of impressive speakers from USA, France, Canada, Australia, Middle East, and of course, Malaysia and Indonesia.
In parallel, it is expected that this Forum would be developing new business relationships and solidify existing ones between to ensure the cultivation of an ongoing global economic and business collaborations, particulary in the Muslim world.
We are grateful that this Forum will be officiated by the Vice President of Republic of Indonesia, Dr. H.M. Jusuf Kalla, who himself was a successful entrepreneur and business leader.
As co-chairman of 5th World Islamic Economic Forum, we extend our renowned Indonesian hospitality in welcoming our honored guests as well as thanking the continued support of our partners in the corporate community.
Last but not least, we would like to extend an invite to our distinguished delegates to also take the opportunity to visit other regions of Indonesia, as there are more to Indonesia than Jakarta.

Thank You.